Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Admin Pants? What is this?!

As was said above, this will be the most awesome blog ever, with massive battles, larger-than-life heroes, despicable villains, explosions, nail-biting finishes, more explosions, staunch defenders, ravenous attackers, and did I mention explosions?

Basically, either once or twice a week, expect an update with a battle report and background information on who's attacking where, why, and what it'll mean for the campaign. Inserted into the narrative will be details about each force, how they started, and their motivations.

I'll be taking the role of the Orks invading the system under freebootin' Warlord "Fingaz" Bazzak and his ragtag bunch of outcasts and misfits. I will also be controlling the Hive Mind of Hive Fleet Collosus, thought to have been utterly destroyed when it first was discovered in Imperial space, it has risen again to strike first at the Vitor Subsector to scour the planets of their delicious biomass before moving on to other, juicier targets.

Although my compatriot Klemanius may wear the Admin pants, be aware that they are 19th century pinstriped pantaloons, which while being rather outdated, apparently are quite comfy and silk-lined.

Anyway, welcome to Xenos Spotted, and I hope you enjoy your stay in the grim darkness of the far future. Stay close, and you might make it out alive...


  1. Pantaloons? Watch yourself Chatz, or you'll be called Spongbob for weeks.

    ...And yes they are comfy

  2. If as a squadie, I could wear tights, you can where pantaloons mate. Keep us posted!

  3. ha, thanks for the reply Corbane. Should start to see some real posts soon.