Thursday, February 11, 2010

A guide to the Vitor Sub-Sector

well now seems a good time to introduce you all to the Vitor Sub-Sector, on the fringe of Ultima Segmentum nestled between the Auronis Sub-Sector and Tau Space.

Vitor Sub-Sector

Vitor is named after its most productive Planet Vitorinia which was only recently wrested from the clutches of Waaagh! Bazzak by Battleforce Justicar and Taskforce Draco of the Salamanders Chapter. It has undergone rapid growth as imperial forces use it as a relay point to drive deeper into the expance.
Von Falkhan's World is a Feudal World, deeply loyal to the Imperium which has only recently had contact re-established with the Imperium Propper.

AV-143 is a Deathworld covered in deep impenatrable jungle and home to ancient ruins of great importance to the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is contested by both Ork and Imperial forces, though the greenskins have the upper hand.

Bazzak's world is a harsh desert planet that has not seen the light of the Imperium in over 3 millenia, as you might expect its covered in orks.

Da Ship- Da Ship is an Ork Space Hulk that is the nexus for Bazzak's raiding fleets, its continued raids on imperial supply convoys have been a thorn in the Imperium side for the entire Campaign.
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