Friday, February 19, 2010

Comments on Orks vs IG "Battle for the Hulk"

Well, I think my army could've been a lot better, let's put it that way. The Gitz did virtually nothing the entire game, killing maybe...2 guardsmen, and they were a decent chunk of points as well. I didn't have anything that could kill the tank at range (playing on the space hulk I assumed we wouldn't have space for such things, but there you go). The shoota boyz did well, though, both units. I was pleased to see that they both did well in close combat, even though they weren't optimized. Bazzak lived up to his ruthless reputation, charging through two ruins to strike down the Imperial commander, and not taking a wound in return! Unfortunately, Orks are impatient creatures, Bazzak no different, so once he saw his opponent bloody and crushed, he left without finishing him off. That might come back to bite him in the rear one of these days...
Far and away though the MVP was the Nob from S.B 1. He took on an entire Imperial Guard platoon, and not only survived, he broke them! Unfortunately, he couldn't catch them, probably being tired out by flailing that power claw of his around the whole time, but well done to him. The Burnas also did quite well, managing to bring Praetus down to 1 wound before dying, having also previously destroyed I.P 1 with their flamers.
I'm just glad that Leman Russ did virtually nothing the entire match, Klemanius rolling very, very poorly for his scatter dice. Truly the new blast rules are quite...equalizing.

Bazzak roared in defiance at the cowardly humans running from him, carrying their half-dead commander in their arms. Around him, his boyz charged forward, spraying shoota fire at the retreating men. Some fell, most didn't, but the Orks didn't care. Bazzak smiled, he'd repelled the primary invasion into his ship, and now the fighting would get even more fierce. With a mighty WAAAGH! he leapt off the rubble he was standing on, and charged down the corridor with his power klaw raised, his boyz cackling with glee following swiftly behind.

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