Thursday, February 11, 2010

Colossus Strikes!

+++Recieved: revolving frequency+++

++Southern Plains:Vitorinia, 768 998 M41
++ Scout force designate: Alpha-1, 21st Fortunan

++Lt pelham to any Imperial forces in range.
Command Outpost Ceta Alpha-97 lost/destroyed.
command force designate: Alpha-0 lost/KIA.
Enemy matches description: Xenoform Tyranid.
Standard tactics as outlined in Imperial Primer insuficient. Enemy force primarily of warrior form and larger. No vanguard sighted.
Heavy casualties. Regrouping towards last known possition of Alpha 2 and Alpha 3.
All forces cut off from Imperial main lines.
Please advise.
If no response in 48 hours will comply with Section 16: Disrupt and Destroy operations, over++


  1. lol, a buddy of mine & myself usually precede a game with a week long exchange of quips, insults & challenges sent via email in this sort of astropathic/vox communication message format!

  2. ha, will have to try that, sounds fun! This is a quick after action report and prelude to the next battle. It would be a propper report but we forgot to write it down and largely forgot the details (I remember his carnifex ripping my bastion apart well enough though...)
    Anyway, were having the next battle today hopefuly so expect a battle report soon!