Monday, February 15, 2010

Sector Update:Reports incoming

Tomorrow Klemanius and myself will engage in two battles, one will be Imperial Guard versus Tyranids, the other Imperial Guard versus Orks.

The Imperial Guard were decimated in their last battle against the Tyranid menace, attempting to defend one of their key ports they were caught unprepared as Mycetic Spores and Spore Mines descended from orbit, crashing into the ground around the facility. Although the port's automated guns opened fire and destroyed many of the spores before they could unload their deadly cargo, unfortunately there were simply too many targets and the guns were overwhelmed. One of the port's main structures (One of two Comms beacons) was destroyed during the pre-battle firestorm, waves and waves of Spore Mine clusters pounding the building into rubble, leaving those unlucky few who were guarding the building pinned under detritus and blasted plascrete. They clambered through the wreckage however, setting up heavy weapons units in order to defend what was left of their position, their rigid stubbornness a hallmark of the veterans of the Vitorina Regiment. Tyranid Warriors descended from the sky, ready to command the broods of Carnifex that were falling like rain around the defenders. With excellent tactical acumen, the Warriors commanded the Carnifex Broods to assault the remaining Comms Beacon, while they focussed on taking out the infantry squads still remaining in the facility. Trying to recoup what little they could from the decimated spaceport, the local Guard commander ordered a squadron of Griffons to shell the base, even though he knew he would be condemning the few remaining veterans bravely protecting the Comms Beacons. Shelling the beacons would be the only way to stop them being corrupted and exploited by the enemy. This was not enough, the veteran squads defending the remaining Beacon were crushed and destroyed by the Carnifex assaulting the base. The rubble of the other Beacon was charged and overrun by the Warriors, and so both beacons were captured. The commander reluctantly ordered the Griffons to retreat, one badly damaged, vowing to avenge the courageous men and women who had given their lives protecting the Beacons. And so, they have mounted a counter-offensive, attempting to push the Tyranid occupiers from the ruined spaceport before they can corrupt the machinery.

After Bazzak's ill-conceived and poorly worded attempt at forcing a surrender (or "say-ren-dar, if you will), Imperial forces have pin-pointed the location of his flagship. They will attempt to board and eliminate Bazzak and his "Battlekroozer", in the hopes that in doing so the Ork forces assaulting AV-143 will fragment without a leader to push them forward. A desperate maneuver, maybe, but if proves successful, the Ork threat in this sector will be all but negated.

Stay tuned and we'll have these two battle reports up for your review lickety-split! Do people still say that word anymore? Ah well, enjoy!

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