Saturday, February 13, 2010

A reply in kind

Lt Marshal Varius played over the vox-transmission again. His whitening knuckles the only outward sign of the mounting rage within. That damnable greenskinned had the guile to demand his surrender. Surrender! A proud son of Auronis never surrendered! He would show that impudent little fungus that the only way its feeble little mind could understand!

"Colonel Pratus, how are events proceeding on Vitorinia?"

"Forces in the Southern Plains were decimated in the initial invasion, though sporadic resistance has been reported. Theater Command is feeding in penal forces to slow down the enemy advance before it hits the defences across the Acaris River."

"Ah good, we may wipe the scum from our ranks yet. How long till they reach the main line?"

"At current rate of advance... about 3 weeks"

"well no reason to hold our boys back then. I think its time we extended our control in this sector."

"What did you have in mind,sir?"

"The greenskins have made a critical mistake in revealing the location of their fleetbase, let us punish them for it. Ready the elite regiments and contact the Macbeth. I'm sure Fleet-Commander Hayase will be more than happy to get retribution on the beasts that are raiding her supply convoys"

"As you wish sir"

"Good. Colonel you are dismissed"

With a perfect salute Preatus filed from the room, leaving Varius to contemplate where on the wall to display the beasts head...

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