Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bazzak's Boast


"Oi? 'Ow by da hand 'a Gork n' Mork do ya turn dis fing on? I already plugged da wotsit inta da gubbinz! 'Ang on, let's see 'ere...

RIGHT! Dis is da Warlord Bazzak! We've bin fightin' on da pretty green world for ages and it's bin a ruddy good scrap! Fing is, see, sum of da ladz are gettin' a bit bored wit fightin' you humie ladz, stickin' up the back and shootin' us wit ya 'urty las-gubbinz and not gettin' in good 'n close fer a nice punch-up. So, I was finkin', 'ow about youse humies...wot?
Wot's dis word? "Say-run-der?" Wot dat mean? We stop fighitn'?! Why would we do dat? Oh, roight! It a kunnin' plan!
Say-ren-dar! Yah! Say-ren-dar and da ladz an' me promise we leave your ladz alone 'til they out of da system. Den we take da pretty green world for ourselves, and you get ta go back ta yer big ship wit a few of yer ladz still alive! Hur hur hur! We be listenin' fer yer reply, but make it fast, otherwise I'm breakin' out da Kans and we finish dis once an' fer all! Den I can try ta krump dem spiky Eldars dat been takin' all my ladz, ruddy bastards!

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