Thursday, February 18, 2010

Battle for the Hulk

Having discovered the location of Bazzak's Killkroozer 'Da Ship' the Imperials have sent a fleet to engage and destroy this threat to Imperial shipping. After engaging the ork fleet in battle the Guards elite regiments are conducting a daring attack, delivering forces into the kroozer via boarding torpedo. This battle representing the strike of the 632nd Cadian which hit just below the command tower of the ship, giving Colonel Pratus a key chance to end the the Ork warlord once and for all.
This is a modified Meatgrinder mission (check your 4th edition rule books people) in which only the leaders of each faction can kill their counterpart.

632nd Cadian
C-command squad (Pratus (Straken)
I.P1-infantry platoon-2 squads, commissar, flamers
I.P2-infantry platoon-2 squads, grenade launchers
S-3 scout sentinels
LR- Leman Russ

Bazzaks Bashin’ Boyz
W-Warboss ‘Fingas’ Bazzak
SB1-20shoota boyz, power klaw nob, big shootas
SB2-20 boyz, power klaw nob, big shootas
B-8 burnas
F-flash gitz, pain boy and things I can’t remember

Pre-Battle Set up

Turn 1
the Burnas sneak forward behind the middle building, while the big shootas in shotta boyz 1 drop 2 of Pratus squad and the flash gitz fire randomly at the guard and hit nothing.
Meanwhile the Imperial Guard charge forward, Preatus’ squad and Platoon 1 towards the middle ruin and platoon 2 towards the boyz sheltering behind the fungal forest killing 3 orks with their grenade launchers. Platoon 1 ran forwards into the supposed cover of the middle ruin. And the Russ fired at the flash Gitz who save all 3 wounds.

Turn 2
The flash gitz moved to the roof and fired on Preatus squad dropping a guardsman. The burnas hosed down the middle ruin wiping out platoon1.
The sentinels outflanked, appearing next to the burnas dropping 3 with sustained fire. Platoon 1 was ‘recycled’, coming on from the guard’s table edge and ran towards Pratus who took shelter behind the middle building. Platoon 2 moved up towards the boyz in the forest again dropping 2 more with their grenade launchers. The Russ opened up again causing 2 wounds on the Gitz who saved both.

Turn 3

The burnas occupied the middle ruin before charging out the other side to assault Pratus killing the remaining guardsman and inflicting 2 wounds on Pratus who tore 3 apart himself. shoota boyz 1 moved forward around the forest to get a good shot at platoon 2, killing 6 with sustained shoota fire before charging in to wipe them out. Shoota boyz 2 assaulted the sentinels destroying them and the cowardly Gitz and warboss moved down a level to get out of the line of fire of the Russ.
Infantry platoon 2 came on from the right board edge behind the orks and in an impressive display of concentrated las fire dropped all but 6 of the greenskins who promptly fled back towards the forest. Pratus wipes out the remaining burnas while platoon 1 advances towards his position. The Russ opens up on the warboss and causing 3 wounds on the warboss all of which are saved.

Turn 4

Shoota boys 2 retreats behind the shelter of the back ruin, and the flash gitz kill 3 guardsmen in platoon 1. The warboss sighting the imperial commander moves down to the ground floor of the ruin.
Infantry platoon 1 makes it to the edge of the middle ruin, while Pratus shelters inside. The leman russ fires on the gitz again wounding 3 which make their saves. While platoon 2 charges the fleeing shoota boyz in the forest killing 3 and loosing 1 themselves.

Turn 5

Bazzak charges out of the ruin and into Preatus who rolls nothing but 1s and is promptly cut down by the ork warlord. The combat in the forest leaves the boyz down to just the nob who kills another 2 guardsmen.
The Russ opened fire on the gitz again managing to kill 1 and wound another. Platoon1 charges bazzak inflicting a wound for the loss of a guardsman and fall back down to the lower level of the ruin. Platoon 2 fails to wound the remaining nob and lose 2 men in return.

Turn 6
Flash gitz fire on platoon 1’s command squad killing 2, and the remaining nob in boys 1 kills 2 guardsmen receiving no wounds in return.
Both infantry commands fire on Bazzak causing a wound. And the nob in the forest is wounded once before killing another 3 guardsmen and the platoon retreats off the table.

Failing the turn 7 roll the game ends with the orks still having 26 models on the field winning the game.


Well, I played that one really badly.

The command squad should have been put to the left side of the field rather than trying to spread the counterattack/furious charge bubble to both platoons. As was being over eager with platoon 1 early game and getting them all flamed by the burnas. But it was forgetting that in a meatgrinder you could bring forces on from the the side edges as well that cost me the game as having platoon 1 pop up next to the sentinels would have gotten them right into the action and they wouldn't have spent 2 turns running.

Well that and having the 'Lemon' Russ actually do something constructive rather than having its cannon roll double 6s and 5s for scatter every turn! (it hit models only twice in 6 turns!)

Lt Axian ran for his life, his men carrying the shattered body of their leader between them. First platoon had held the raging warboss long enough to get the Colonel out of there and now Axian and the remainder of 2nd platoon were running, lost in the labyrinth of passages in this crude vessel towards the general direction of their boarding craft. If they were lucky they might just make it out of here...

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